Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cinema Impromptu - The Beatles

It's been far too long and as this is just a little side project I can only get to it when I have a small bit of free time.

It is now time to dump what I have been able to keep from two music harddrive crashes.  At one point I had 8,000 songs by The Beatles.

Cinema Impromptu is a strange little unreleased album.  Thematically it seems to flow very well and I spent many different drafts on it.  Originally I was going to do a whole catalog of Beatles bootlegs, one for demos, one for the white album, one for the let it be sessions, one for their pre-1963 material, etc.  But I have lost most of these bootlegs and playlists.

But I would never just give you an album I released a while ago and people have been begging me to reupload.  About 20 other strange beatles outtakes (and even some outfakes) in absolutely no particular order.  I'm not even listing the tracks, just explore it yourself.

But I will whet your appetite:  we got the 11 minute crazy version of Revoluton 1, the same song's demo, the brother malcolm version of Let It Be, a crazy christmas record, the incredibly rare acoustic version of Helter Skelter, etc.

Cinema Impromptu

Bonus 1

Bonus 2

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