Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Beach Boys - Laugh

Everyone knows about SMILE and it's gooey backstory, so here are the unused segments (most of them) from those sessions mixed with two b-sides from Pet Sounds, their earlier and more famous outing.

This is a short EP that has 17 tracks.  It's pretty goofy, including some songless skits.  Overall definitely a decent addendum to SMILE.


Side A

1.  Laugh
2.  Tune X
3.  Hang on to Your Ego
4.  Brian Falls Into A Microphone
5.  Cool Cool Water
6.  Three Blind Mice
7.  I Don't Know
8.  Underwater Chant

Side B

9.  You're With Me Tonight
10.  Brian Falls into a Piano
11.  He Gives Speeches
12.  Cool Cool Water (reprise)
13.  Get Smart With Me And Laugh
14.  With Me Tonight (reprise)
15.  Trombone Dixie
16.  You're Welcome (To Laugh)
17.  You're Welcome

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