Saturday, September 17, 2016

Bob Dylan - Mississippi

Tell Tale Signs is definitely one of the best of the official bootleg series.  Mississippi has three different takes and is one of my favorite Bob Dylan tracks ever.  This is a ten-song, hour-long album featuring all tracks from post-1980, when Dylan "supposedly" got bad.  Though he never returned to anything close to his former glory, he still continued to release excellent tracks, perhaps just fewer than in the 60s and 70s.

Buy Tell Tale Signs.  It's good.  Not all of these songs are from that bootleg.  Caribbean Wind is the acoustic version, which is far superior, as well as the Blind Willie McTell electric version.  Things Have Changed is taken from Side Tracks.  Dignity is the original version and 'Cross the Green Mountain is from a movie.


Side A

1.  Mississippi
2.  Mary and the Soldier
3.  Things Have Changed
4.  Series of Dreams
5.  Dignity

Side B

6.  Blind Willie McTell
7.  Red River Shore
8.  Caribbean Wind
9.  'Cross the Green Mountain
10.  Miss the Mississippi

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