Thursday, August 6, 2015

RJD2 - Deadsides

RJD2's Deadringer helped put instrumental hip-hop on the map and complimented works like Endtroducing... by DJ Shadow both interestingly being debut albums for the respective artists.  This sample-heavy album is among my favorites and I truly consider it a masterpiece.

Compiling a b-sides album anywhere near the caliber of Deadringer I figured to be impossible, but when I purchased the album I found two obscure hidden tracks and discovered the EP Here's What's Left, which had the Part 1 of Good Times Roll, likely my favorite track from Deadringer.

Deadsides is organized to mirror Deadringer, with an intro song as track 2, Rain replacing Smoke & Mirrors, etc.  The cut off date was his second album's release, for I use two rare tracks from Since We Last Spoke.

RJD2 - Deadsides

1.  Before or Since
2.  Intro
3.  Rain
4.  Here's What's Left
5.  Bonus Beat
6.  De L'alouette
7.  Find You Out
8.  Holy Toledo
9.  Bus Stop Bitties
10.  Poorboy Lover Megamix I
11.  Poorboy Lover Megamix II
12.  Poorboy Lover Megamix III
13.  The Good Times Roll (pt. 1)
14.  Counseling
15.  Sell The World
16.  Thine Planetarium

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