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Paul McCartney - Demonstrations of Love

If there is one thing Paul McCartney does best, it's acoustic ditties with charming lyrics and melodic vibrations.  Through out his solo career (Wings included), he recorded probably hundreds of demos (short for demonstrations), many of which have found their ways to collector's hands and almost all of which deal with the beauty of love (it's all you need, anyway, right?).

So here are my favorite demos that Paul recorded.  None of these were studio recordings and though some of them include Linda McCartney (and their son), they are all rough and unpolished.  This is definitely a set you'd never see a legitimate record label release, as it is simply a collection of demos, and labels seem to think we need immense high fidelity whenever we pay for an experience.

Lucky for all of us, though, they're free!

Paul McCartney - Demonstrations of Love

Side A:

1.  Calico Skies
(demo recorded for his album Flaming Pie - 1995)
2.  1882
(piano demo recorded with his wife during his first solo album - 1970)
3.  Hey Diddle
(demo for an outtake from Wings' debut - 1971)
4.  Country Dreamer
(recorded for a TV special - 1973)f
5.  Suicide
(another TV special, One Hand Clapping - 1974)
6.  On The Wings Of A Nightingale
(a demo recorded and given to the Everly Brothers - 1984)
7.  Love Is Your Road, Love Is My Road
(part of the home recordings dubbed the piano tape - 1978)

Side B:

8.  Ebony and Ivory
(solo version demo of the single recorded with Stevie Wonder - 1980)
9.  Waterspout
(band demo from the London Town sessions - 1978)
10.  Let's Love
(demo given to Peggie Lee, becoming the titular track - 1974)
11.  I Am Your Singer
(recorded during at the same time as the Hey Diddle demo - 1971)
12.  Mull of Kintyre
(recorded in Cambletown at Higher Gate Farm - 1977)
13.  I Keep On Believing
(also known as I can't write another song - 1977)

Paul opens the collection in the mid-90s playing live in front of a crackling fire.  I am going to try to only use the term ditty like three times, but it is unfair because all of these songs are ditties.  And that is what Paul is best at!  Ditties!  Okay, that's three I hope there are no Freudian slips.  Calico Skies is an immensely beautiful songs, and is the first demonstration of love that Paul expresses.

1882 is quite possibly the most sought-after and loved bootleg from Paul McCartney and Wings.  There is an equally awesome live version, but let me tell you: this second demo was incredibly hard to find, so enjoy it.  I had to search for almost an entire hour to get it.  Usually the internet performs better than that.  I mean I pay for the internet, so thusly everything should be completely free and immediately available.

Recorded in a garden in Scotland, Hey Diddle, which is also a full-fledged outtake, is the first of these tracks to include the McCartney children in the background.  Eventually they start singing along in some relatively hardcore cuteness.  Wait, don't read anything I have to say about this song because IT IS ON FILM!

Country Dreamer is a b-side, and is occupied by Linda in its demo form.  Suicide dates back to the Get Back Sessions of The Beatles (you can hear Lennon singing along).  This is a more polished version that was actually prepared for an unreleased album, but has yet to truly see the light of day.  Paul's vocals shine on this track.

Written for The Everly Brothers, On The Wings of a Nightingale is another fabulous demonstration of love.  I have never heard the Everly Brothers version, but this one is pretty legitimate.  This leads to the final track, and also the roughest, Love is Your Road Love is My Road.  It's goofy and lovely and highly Paul.

Ebony And Ivory is simply beautiful, gorgeous, stunning and immensely seductive.  Enjoy this opening to side B!  Followed up by the demo for Waterspout, a song originally set for Cold Cuts, an ironically unreleased album compiling unreleased songs.

Given to Peggy Lee, Let's Love was recorded in the same sessions as Suicide, for One Hand Clapping.  I Am Your Singer is accompanied by Linda and their child, who sings along and must've been one of those beautiful parenting moments for the couple.

Mull Of Kintyre is one of the premiere Wings tracks out there, and a live favorite.  This is the second demo with vocals intact.  A very beautiful rendition and the song in general is rather rare as it was never issued on any official album.  This cuts to I Keep On Believing, quite possibly my favorite ditty from this entire collection.  Damn it!  I mean demo.  Enjoy, pals!

- blashco

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  1. this version of country dreamer is better audio quality- its on a pretty decent bootleg titled backyard+