Saturday, January 11, 2014

Led Zeppelin - Swansong

Led Zeppelin is one of those bands that will never die, and most people understand exactly why that is.  Some of the best musicians to ever collaborate, and some of the greatest vocal work ever put to tape, Led Zeppelin have been called the best band of all time too many times to count.

Zeppelin doesn't really have much in terms of studio outtakes (at least ones that have leaked), as most of the stuff they wrote they released.  Probably 90% of their bootlegs are live renditions of known songs.  Since I'm all about unearthing new sounds and compositions, I didn't have too much to work with, honestly.  In fact, I never really thought I could even compile an "unreleased album" from them because I just couldn't find anything.

But alas, my stubbornness prevailed and I was able to unearth what I hope is every outtake that has made its way to the wonderful world of the internet. I simply knew there had to be more, that there needed to be more, and there was... and hell, one of the songs is called Swansong.  Perfect!

So I have organized the ultimate unreleased Led Zeppelin album for your enjoyment.  These tracks are sourced from Studio Sessions and Cabala, consisting of over 25 discs of rockin goodness!  You can find these on torrent sites, but again, it is quite a bit to dissect and absorb, so I have done this task for you!  There will be a second Zeppelin collection focusing on demos and early takes of well known songs.  For now, enjoy some new compositions from Plant, Page, Jones and Bonham.

Led Zeppelin - Swansong (53:58)

Side A:

1.  (Welcome To Swansong)
(untitled instrumental from their debut album's sessions - 1969)
2.  As Long As I Have You
(live, 1969)
3.  Fire
(rehearsal after a hiatus of not performing together - 1978)
4.  Strawberry Jam
(sound check at a concert - 1972)
5.  Sugar Mama
(early outtake - 1969)
6.  Sunshine Woman
(broadcast for BBC - 1969)
7.  Feel So Bad / That's Alright Mama
(recorded at Headley Grange Studio - 1970)
8.  Black Dog
(a quick acoustic instrumental - 1970)

Side B:

9.  The Girl That I Love She Got Long Wavy Black Hair
(recording for the BBC - 1969)
10.  Something Else
(recorded for the BBC - 1969)
11.  Take Me Home
(outtake for Physical Grafiti - 1975)
12.  Baby Come On Home
(outtake from their debut album - 1968)
13.  I Won't Be Her Man
(demo of unreleased song - 1973)
14.  Hey Hey What Can I Do
(take 1 and 2 - 1970)
15.  Swansong
(outtake from Physical Grafiti - 1974)
16.  (Farwell From Swansong)
(untitled instrumental from their early sessions - 1969)

After a building instrumental, our faces melt off immediately at the following track: As Long As I Have You.  This first song already makes this set well worth the price of admission (which is free, if I didn't mention that earlier), and can stand up along their classic rockers.  The majestic vocals really tear me apart, and I hope they do the same for you.

The latest song on the collection, Fire, is another live track

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