Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cloud Cult - The Shade Project

Cloud Cult is among my favorite bands of all time.  They recently released their 9th studio album, which would be their 10th, if Craig Minowa's first project (that was essentially solo) had fully come into fruition.

Not much information is given on The Shade Project, though we do have (according to wikipedia with zero references attached) a tracklist, year of release and knowledge that it is (probably forever) out of print.  The story I can assemble is that in the early- to mid-90s, Craig secluded himself in a studio inside his closet and, using found objects to mimic instruments he had no access to (a bucket instead of a drum, etc), recorded twenty tracks.

Half of these tracks have been released on the compilation Lost Songs From The Lost Years, which also included more recent b-sides.  I have taken these tracks, along with other very early Cloud Cult songs to fill in the gaps, creating the most comprehensive and complete version of The Shade Project available (at least until one of the incredibly rare originals shows up).

Cloud Cult - The Shade Project

Side A:

1.  You Never Really Were Alone*
2.  Electro Jerry Lewis
3.  So Much To Do Out There*
4.  I Can Hardly Believe It
5.  Rocketship*
6.  Fable Practice Space*
7.  Sage*
8.  Jaded Fable
9.  Alone On A Farm

Side B:

10.  Alone In A Closet*
11.  I'm Feeling So Friggin' Fine
12.  Counterpoint Practice Space
13.  Turn Out The Lights*
14.  Yin And Yang of Sex*
15.  In A Rock Band With A Cheap Guitar
16.  I'm Feeling So Fucking Fine
17.  Lies*
18.  Lightning Girl*

*Songs officially on The Shade Project

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